Akshay Kumar reveals he drinks cow urine daily. Here’s how Ayurveda supports it

Akshay Kumar reveals he drinks cow urine daily. Here's how Ayurveda supports it

As per the ancient Indian medical system, cow urine is beneficial for all. It not only cures the symptoms of the disease, but its daily intake keeps chronic illness at bay. Here are some other health benefits of drinking cow urine as touted by Ayurveda.

It is claimed to be helpful in treating leprosy, abdominal colic pain, bloating, diabetes and even cancer.

It is taken with black pepper, curd and ghee to treat fever.

A mixture of Triphala, cow urine and cow milk is believed to help overcome anaemia.

It is considered an excellent detox drink. Ayurveda believes that cow urine can clean the human body from the inside out by flushing out all toxins, thereby reducing the risk of chronic disease.

Besides, the fluid is also used for preparing cosmetic products like soaps and shampoos.


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