Beauty tips every bride-to-be must follow

Beauty tips every bride-to-be must follow

The one day every girl wants her skin and make-up to look flawless is her wedding day. It’s one of the most special days and also a day you will be photographed a lot. To get a make-up look that makes you look perfect, we turned to Beauty Expert, Dr Blossom Kocchhar to share some expert tips. She talked about bridal beauty tips to follow before the wedding and a few make-up tricks brides-to-be can follow on the wedding day:

Don’t experiment with new products
“Though it has been said a number of times by a lot of people, but holds very true, never experiment with new products on the wedding day,” says Dr Blossom.

One can never know which products will suit their skin type and which won’t. So, brides must avoid trying any new make-up product and stick to those tried and used before.

Never book skin treatments a day before
A lot of brides indulge in pre-bridal skincare rituals, but one should always avoid any treatment or facial a day before the wedding functions. As per Dr Blossom, one should also avoid hair removal treatments.
“Refrain from getting any waxing or threading a few days before, as it can lead to bumps, rash or even an itch which can get worse after make-up,” she adds.

Hydrate your skin
Before getting make-up done, it’s a must to hydrate your skin says Dr Blossom. One can use hydrating seaweed gel on face and neck, which helps to hydrate the skin and also lets the make-up set easily. For heavy make-up, she suggests using face oils, which can help to form a protective layer on the skin.

Enhance your eye make-up
The correct use of eye make-up products can make a lot of difference. “Brides with small eyes can apply a white kajal on their water line to enhance their eyes,” says the beauty expert. “They can also use the liner from the middle of the eyes to the end,” she further adds.

For brides with big eyes, she suggests applying the liner from the inside and try a winged liner.

Keep it simple
Every bride has a choice while doing or getting her make-up done. Dr Blossom suggests one should try not to go for a cakey and heavy look, which can make your make-up look ‘too much’. To look fresh and radiant, try for a natural and dewy look which suits your skin tone and features.


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