Cloud Kitchen: Changing the world of dining

Cloud Kitchen: Changing the world of dining

Ambica Kapoor, Founder, Shanghai Surprise, a cloud kitchen based in Gurugram, says, “The main challenge is to keep costs low, while trying to create a presence in a slightly over crowded market. We have realised that a majority of the customers are so price sensitive that loyalty becomes secondary. There is a need to find the best deal at that moment, so if we are offering a 15% discount and the next best outlet is adding a coupon or a freebie, these customers don’t think twice before switching. And then you get into a cycle of offering more and more discounts to get the customers.”

Talking about the post-covid market situation, Ambica, who is running the business for more than a year with a collective of chefs, hobby chefs, gourmands of fine food, offering Pan Asian cuisine affirms, “Sadly the Covid related slowdown in business has had a huge implication as orders have been close to nil and smaller operations like ours are highly dependent on the big aggregators to get visibility and outreach.” She suggests, “They must look at reducing the commissions they take from cloud kitchens as there are no ways we can come out of the red if this continues. All this makes survival quite difficult.”


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