Everything you need to know about cooking with alcohol

Everything you need to know about cooking with alcohol

Cooking delicious food is an art. While herbs and spices are the ideal choices for increasing the flavour of any dish. However, alcohol too plays an important role in increasing the flavour of the dishes. Alcohol is a versatile ingredient which can not just tenderize the meat, but add a killer flavour to any dish. Just a fun fact, if you add alcohol in a dish, it adds very few calories to it. Also, scientifically speaking, alcohol bonds with both fat and water molecules, which allows it to carry aromas and flavour. Traditionally, many people believe that it’s just wine and beer that can be used to cook the food, but there are so many other liquors that can be used for cooking delicious dishes as well. Here are 6 such alcohols that you can use for making wonderful dishes…


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