Home Made Dal: Can it help in weight loss?

Home Made Dal: Can it help in weight loss?

Dal forms an important part of the daily diet of the majority of Indians. A bowl of dal, along with rice, roti, and some vegetables on the side is a basic yet nutritious lunch for many of us. The meal serves as a balanced diet and is high in nutritional value. Among all the mentioned lunch items, Dal is very nutritious and high in protein content. Various types of Dal serve different nutritional requirements. For example, Urad Dal helps improve digestion, is a good source of protein, and controls cholesterol. On the other hand, Masoor dal is a good source of protein, contains essential amino acids, potassium, iron, fibre and vitamin B1. Similarly, other pulses also have health benefits of their own.

Interestingly, there are a few pulses that may help in weight loss. Increase in weight is a problem for many of us and we want to control or reduce it. Along with regular exercise, a good diet is also essential to achieve a flat tummy. To achieve your target, including homemade Dal in your daily diet is a good option. However, the question that pops up, again and again, is that can homemade Dal help in weight loss? Before answering this question, here is a look at a few Dal which could help in losing weight.


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