How can ‘read receipts’ create issues in your relationship?

How can ‘read receipts’ create issues in your relationship?

Ever wondered what’s taking your partner so long to reply? Sometimes they maybe genuinely busy or chances are that they have read the text but haven’t replied still. WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, and more offer read receipts feature that provides the perfect excuse in such circumstances. One can turn off their read receipts—meaning, you won’t be able to see the blue tick or time stamp on your text. This indicates that you have no chance of knowing if someone has read your text or not.

For some, it’s a delightful feature, but for others, it has caused rifts in friendships and relationships and much more. According to a research survey by the University of Copenhagen, 35% of respondents declared that they feel ignored if their message has been read but not replied to.

Some people feel comfortable knowing that they won’t have to worry about read receipts but others feel a surge of anxiety or stress when there’s always a doubt whether the receiver has read the text or not.

What does switched-off read receipts make people do?

People in the current era are always glued to their gadgets most of the time in their daily lives. However, the curiosity of messages being read or not somehow mentally forces people to keep checking their phones. A feeling of insecurity slowly creeps in and people start interpreting one’s actions differently. For example, people who are overly sensitive and a bit insecure wonder why the other person hasn’t replied yet even if they’ve seen the message. On the other hand, the receiver might have been busy working or traveling and thus, couldn’t revert to the text immediately after seeing it. The result? The sender keeps wondering what went wrong as they haven’t replied yet.

These kinds of situations especially apply in the early stages of dating where the two people are slowly getting to know each other. In this case, their actions may be misinterpreted. When a couple starts caring about their relationship more, the magnitude of doubts and insecurity also increases.

Nevertheless, the stronger the relationship, the more trust forms. With the onset of a trustworthy relationship, insecurities regarding several matters including read receipts slowly start to fade. This doesn’t matter anymore as you trust the person eventually. Many reported that keeping read receipts off doesn’t affect their bond once trust establishes between them.


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