How often should you clean your toilet

How often should you clean your toilet

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world eight months ago, people have been more cautious than ever. Be it washing their hands or sanitizing the groceries, necessary precautions are taken by one and all. When it comes to sanitizing homes, you might clean the door knobs and kitchen on a daily basis to keep the virus at bay. But have you thought about how often you should clean your bathroom, which is the most used part of your home these days? Read on to read about the right way to disinfect toilets and keep your bathroom squeaky clean.

The right way to disinfect your bathroom

Since all of us are frequently washing hands these days, the bathroom has probably become the most visited room in the house. While it is best if everyone in the family has a separate toilet, to maintain optimum hygiene, you can follow the below given tips if you share the bathroom with other family members.

As a part of toilet hygiene, you must always wipe the seat after using it. Keep a toilet paper roll handy and use a dab of disinfectant to clean the seat after usage. This will not only make the washroom look more presentable to the next person who uses it but will also keep the hygiene factor high.

Tips to keep the bathroom squeaky clean

Wash basin usage has increased considerably in the past few months as everyone is home and has resorted to cleaning their hands, thanks to the pandemic. With most people working from home, the wash basins are used more than before. While you might sanitize your hands by washing them for 20 seconds with soap and water; how sanitized is the tap which is touched every time you are done washing the hands?
In order to keep the basin area clean, make sure you disinfect the taps from time to time. It is best to close the tap using your wrist or elbow after you are done washing your hands. Usually, the taps should ideally be disinfected at least 2-3 times during the day.

Bathroom cleaning guidelines

Disinfect the door knobs, bathroom seat, wash basin and taps on a daily basis with soap water. Be cautious while using the toilet and always leave it sanitised for the next person. If anyone in your family is sick or is experiencing symptoms, it is best to isolate them and make them use a separate bathroom.

You need not panic-clean as it won’t help in any manner. Direct every individual in the family to maintain optimum hygiene and follow the sanitization protocol properly to keep the bathroom neat and tidy.


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