I have anger issues and I fear my daughter is mirroring my behavior

I have anger issues and I fear my daughter is mirroring my behavior

Query: I have always had anger issues and I feel like my daughter is mirroring my behaviour. She answers back all the time at a tender age of 8 and I am often left speechless. I don’t know how to tackle the emotions inside me but I don’t want to see my daughter facing the same issue.

Answer by Dr Rachna K Singh: Hi, thank you for writing to us.

I completely understand why you are worried about your daughter’s behaviour. Young children tend to have impressionable minds and end up mirroring their parents. However, children too can have mood swings and her acting out might not even be related to you.

You should start keeping a check on your anger and emotions around her. This will act as a positive example for her and she might start mirroring that instead. You should also try to introspect and make an effort to understand what triggers your anger, and your daughters. By knowing the cause of the reaction, you can try to work on the anger.

Lastly, a good idea would be to start therapy. This will allow you to not only better understand your own emotions but also your daughters.

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