Karishma Tanna just wore the coolest accessory with her face mask

Karishma Tanna just wore the coolest accessory with her face mask

Looking fashionable while wearing a face mask is a struggle, and we know that! A face mask has become a mandatory step for each of one of us during the pandemic. But, who says it can’t be stylish? It can be an extension of your personal style and you can do a lot more than you think! From matching prints to bejewelled masks, there’s a lot to choose from. And, if you’re looking for the latest trend in face masks, then we’ve got you the right inspiration.

TV actress Karishma Tanna, who’s very active on Instagram just showed us a new way to wear a face mask. The actress posted a selfie of hers wearing a face mask with a chain. Wondering what’s the purpose of the chain? It helps to hold the face mask for those moments you want to take it off.

With this chain, you can now hang your face mask around your neck, without worrying. As face masks have become such an important part of our daily life, face masks with chains are convenient and will keep your face mask safe with you. Not only that they are practical, but this accessory can also jazz up your outfit. Well, we find them innovative!

What do you think of this utility chain? Let us known in the comment section below.


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