Karishma Tanna uses this plant from her garden on her face!

Karishma Tanna uses this plant from her garden on her face!

Television actress Karishma Tanna has been setting Instagram on fire one look after the other. The social media darling is very active on her social media. Be it her on-screen looks or her distinctive personal style, she’s always making a statement with her sartorial picks. During the pandemic, the actress is self-isolating at home and has kept her fans hooked to her regular posts.

Recently, the actress shared a video of her using an aloe vera plant from her garden. She is seen cutting a part of aloe vera plant and massaging it directly on her face. “Fresh aloe vera gel. That’s my daily ritual.Keeps skin tight and fresh,” she captioned the video. It’s one of the most versatile ingredients, which can be used on skin and hair too! It helps to soothe, hydrate and also heal the skin. One can also apply this gel for minor burns and even sunburns.

Another celebrity, who swears by the natural skincare ritual is Malaika Arora. The 46-year-old actress shared a photo of hers applying the gel on her face and soaking the sun. If you’re looking for natural home remedies, growing an aloe vera plant in your garden should be on your bucket list. It hydrates, repairs and soothes. Need we say more?


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