Micro review: ‘eSingles’ by Ravinder Singh

Micro review: 'eSingles' by Ravinder Singh

Bestselling romance author Ravinder Singh has written a lot of love stories to keep readers engaged during lockdown.

In a series of novellas published online, Ravinder Singh has explored modern love through a variety of stories. The compilation is called eSingles. Some are co-written with other authors and some written alone. Each one is a small, thought-provoking love story, which will touch your heart in myriad ways.

The first one, ‘My Ex’ was co-written with Ruchi Kokcha and, as the title foreshadows, involves a run in with an ex and the emotions and questions it elicits. ‘My Mother’s Boyfriend’ looks into a love blossoming in ones later years and ‘A Kiss in the Air’ explores the connection springing from a movie-like meet-cute and whether it lasts.

There are 8 stories in all and a good read for anyone who likes romance. These short tales are perfect for those who don’t have the patience for novels and even if one doesn’t like reading, for they are a perfect bite sized dose of romance.


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