My COVID story: I tested negative but developed severe symptoms and tested positive again

My COVID story: I tested negative but developed severe symptoms and tested positive again

36-year-old Vikas Narayankar from Palghar, Maharashtra was supposed to fly to Africa for a new job but he tested COVID positive and had to be hospitalised immediately. Even after testing negative, he still feels breathless and cannot move around without cannula. Here is his COVID journey

It was the 3rd of September when I visited a private lab to get myself checked for COVID. I didn’t have any symptoms but I had to travel abroad on 7th September for a job opportunity in Africa and for that I was required to carry a negative COVID report with me.

I was sure that the report would be negative since me and my family had taken all the precautions ever since the lockdown was imposed in March. Even people in our society used to praise us for this level of safety. On 4th September, the report came on my email id, and shockingly, I was POSITIVE. I opted for a private hospital immediately to get myself admitted so that my family members don’t contract the deadly virus because of me.

I got admitted and prayed that my family remains safe. Five days later, I got to know that COVID report of my all family members was negative.

I was tested for COVID in the hospital again on 9th september and it turned out to be negative on the 10th evening. I was happy and immediately opted for a discharge from the hospital. On 11th September morning, I reached home and locked myself in my bedroom to follow the next 14 days quarantine. Surprisingly, I developed fever, chills, throat pain and palpitations at home and immediately rushed to the same hospital. I was tested again for COVID and this time the report came positive. I really didn’t know what was happening with me with respect to the COVID report.

For the next 4 days, I had moderate symptoms. However, on 15th September morning, I went to the washroom to brush my teeth and I found that I was unable to go back to my bed which was just 20 meters away from the washroom. I suddenly felt breathless and started to cough.

By this time, the virus started to cause damage to my lungs. I was given all possible medications as per protocol for the next 8 days. But my chest CT report after treatment got worse than the CT report done at the start of treatment. I was on oxygen support during treatment.

When I entered the COVID ward on 12th September, it was all full. But, from 27th to 2nd October, I was the only patient in the ward. Most other patients had recovered. Even patients admitted after me got well before me and got discharged. This used to make me disappointed and I started to lose all my confidence.

Since, my entire family was COVID negative, I instructed them to not visit the hospital even for dropping food or clothes for me.

When my 4th consecutive COVID test came positive on 2nd October, the hospital offered me discharge with 14 days home quarantine. I came home on 3rd October and again locked myself in my bedroom. Though I have become negative, my breathlessness came with me from hospital. I’m still on intermittent oxygen support. A small exertion makes me breathless and I have to wear the oxygen cannula.

I’m on the path of recovery but still I often feel a burning sensation in my lungs and my heart beat remains abnormally high after COVID which is not yet normalised.

My family is happy that I have come home alive. But my life has completely changed now. It is full of pain with hope that one day I’ll definitely recover completely.

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