The eyeless and hairless cat has become an Internet sensation!

The eyeless and hairless cat has become an Internet sensation!

Jasper, the cat has no eyes and no fur on his body but that has not stopped him from becoming popular on the Internet. His owner, Kelli made him his own Instagram accounts and runs it all too well to get people to know his quirks. Kelli keeps getting so many artworks of his and even people who’ve tattooed his face on their bodies. It’s wonderful how Jasper is changing how people see beauty on the Internet.

For the ones who are wondering why he is eyeless and hairless, here’s a little story. Jasper was born with both eyes, but unfortunately, he had to get both the eyes removed due to corneal ulcers. One eye was removed in 2013 and the other one, five years later. Thankfully, this loved cat is no longer in pain and the procedures resulted in his terrifyingly adorable look. Not to forget, this signature look of Jasper got him a lot of fans on Instagram.

With Jasper’s Instagram account, Kelli wants to let people know that even a blind cat can have a very fulfilling and happy life. She wants to educate people about cats with special needs and show just how sweet these cats can be and how deserving of love they are. Not just that, Kelli also insists on adopting a pet that looks less loved, elderly or disabled. They might just make the best companion you’ll ever need.

Jasper has beautifully transformed so many people’s mindsets of how unconditional love can feel. This eyeless and hairless cat has surely won people’s heart.


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