The symbolism behind Twilight series book covers

The symbolism behind Twilight series book covers

The Twilight books and their author, Stephenie Meyer, had attained an almost cult-like status while the series was ongoing and now, almost a decade later, the fans are still excited for new books in the series, as demonstrated by how ‘Midnight Sun’ hit the bestseller lists, despite the original fans having left high school and high school romances behind a long time ago.

The series follows the love story between Bella, a human girl, and Edward, a vampire. The original 4 books series is from the point of view of Bella and the newest book is the first book retold from Edwards’s point of view. The newest book is black with a detailed pomegranate on the cover, and the design perfectly matches the others making the series look lovely when on the shelf. However, the choice of the fruit was not simply to match the color palette of the rest. Like most of the other books, the cover choice is symbolic of the content. For those who didn’t know, here are what each cover represents.


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