The weirdest types of Hotdogs from around the world

The weirdest types of Hotdogs from around the world

Hotdogs are an absolute delight for food lovers. A partially sliced bun, with a sausage in between the two layers, topped with various condiments like mustard, ketchup, etc. makes everyone drool. There are different variants of hotdogs like the Corn Dog and Pigs in a Blanket. Historically, sausages and their sandwiches were culturally imported from Germany and later became popular in the United States. The hotdog became a working-class street food in the U.S., sold at stands and carts.

The hotdog is now available throughout the world and numerous interesting varieties of it can be found. Some places and restaurants have taken the dish to the next level by creating mind-boggling variants of the hotdog. Here is a look at the weirdest types of hotdogs from around the world.

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