Things no one tells you about being in labor

Things no one tells you about being in labor

While pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of life, many new mums might panic when their labor date is nearing. Natural childbirth not only seems painful but also makes first-time mums scared. While there are doctors and nurses to help you while in labor, there are a few facts you must know before childbirth.

Water breaking can occur in parts

Unlike the movies, your water might not break all at once. It is not similar to a water balloon shattering all at once, as glorified in movies. It is going to be much slower and gradual, post which contractions may occur. There would be enough time gap between your water breaking and the contractions, which ranges from a few hours to even a day.

Your water might not always break

Sometimes, your water might not break on its own but you will start feeling contractions already. In such a situation, a doctor will break your water. Though it is not painful, the feeling could be a bit uncomfortable. Water breaking could be similar to the feeling of uncontrollably peeing yourself.

Going in labor might feel like constipation
It might sound gross but the feeling of giving birth is similar to being constipated. It is more painful than that as the constant struggle to push the baby out, along with contractions adds up to the pain. While some women deliver in less than four hours, many women go through long hours of labor which might last 10-14 hours.

Labor pain might fluctuate

The contractions might start off as menstrual pain with waves of pain switching on and off. Slowly, as the contractions intensifies, so does the uneasiness. Your whole abdomen and back might go through tormenting pain during childbirth. It is a known fact that labor is painful, but it is also a fact that most women who opt for natural labor go through it.

Cuts might be necessary

In difficult cases, where the baby is not able to come out, the need to make a cut might be necessary. Medically termed as ‘episiotomy’, doctors perform a surgical incision on the vaginal wall to make way for the baby. This opens up the passage and gives the newborn enough space to wriggle out.

Doctors only resort to this process when the baby is stuck. It is rare but completely safe to do. Post the cut, the vaginal walls are secured with stitches which are healed in a few weeks. None of the above given information should scare you, as there are enough medicines to ensure that you have a comfortable experience after giving birth.


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