This bride wore a blue Nauvari sari with silver jewellery for her wedding and she’s set a new trend

This bride wore a blue Nauvari sari with silver jewellery for her wedding and she's set a new trend

How many of you would wear a blue coloured sari on your wedding day and team it up with some silver jewellery? Well, the idea may sound far too adventurous to you girls but a new-age bride actually did that and now, she’s breaking the internet.

Pune-based Ravina Satav (Nimhan) got Instagram talking as she dressed for her wedding in a very-very unique sartorial pick – an electric blue Nauvari sari, which she teamed up with a colourful embroidered blouse.

If you are wondering what a Nauvari sari is, well it’s a nine yard long drape worn by Marathi women, traditionally and Marathi brides often wear them, tucked at the back.

Well, Ravina didn’t stop at the sari, she also picked up some rustic silver jewellery to go with the rich sari.

The groom, Pramod Nimhan complemented the bride to perfection with a royal Maratha outfit which he teamed up with a blue stole matching the bride’s lovely sari. Both the bride and groom’s rich ensembles were designed by Syuta Bespoke, a Pune based label.

It’s always heartwarming to see the groom go out of way to match up to his ladylove and we’d call this a match made in heaven.

We loved Ravina’s sari and Pramod’s Maratha wedding ensembles, tell us what do you think of them in the comment section below.

Photo: Neel Chavan Photography

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