This is how Malaika Arora uses coffee in her beauty routine

This is how Malaika Arora uses coffee in her beauty routine

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is known for her age-defying looks. The 46-year-old actress loves to stay fit and is a big follower of natural home remedies. For her skin and hair, the gorgeous star swears by desi beauty rituals which can be made at home with basic ingredients. In a video shared by the actress, she showed us a DIY body scrub recipe.

For the scrub, Malaika used three simple ingredients. She mixed a portion of leftover coffee ground, brown sugar and oil. “Who said coffee is always bad for your health. Here’s a tip to turn that villain into a hero. Body scrub: Mix the leftover coffee ground with some brown sugar and coconut oil. It serves as an easy, instant and aromatic home scrub. The caffeine in the coffee has potent antioxidants that help protect skin from sun damage and helps promote overall skin health,” she captioned her video.

The texture of coffee and sugar makes them great exfoliants. The combination helps to get rid of dead skin cells and clogged pores. And not just that, coffee is a great antioxidant which can help to smooth out the skin texture and also boost collagen. For dry skin, you can mix the ingredients with coconut oil and for normal to combination skin type, you add a few drops of olive oil.

For those who have sensitive skin can avoid using sugar in this recipe, as it can harsh on the skin. One can also make a thick paste with coffee and milk to avoid any skin irritation.


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