veganism: Here’s how you can make Nutella at home

veganism: Here’s how you can make Nutella at home

Nutella is one such edible item that we all love. Be waffles, crepe, pancakes or even paratha, a bit of Nutella on it works like magic. But if you have been avoiding store-bought Nutella recently, or are looking for a healthy variant of the same, make sure you give this homemade alternative a shot. It is vegan and healthier.

And if you are wondering that just because it is healthy it won’t taste the same, well, then it’s not true. The vegan Nutella not look like store-bought Nutella but all tastes like it.

Trupti Doshi, a home chef who specialises in Vegan desserts says that Vegan Nutella is very easy to make and it is equally healthy as well. “When you tell people that this is vegan, they automatically create a mindset that it’s not going to taste nice. But this is not true, these spreads and jams taste exactly the same, it’s all about how open you are to try it. I used to call my friends and just feed them my cupcakes without even telling them about the vegan ingredients in it. I used to tell them only after they finished eating. It’s shocking for them when I inform them that it was all Vegan. So, I feel one should try making it, eating it and then decide about it,” says Trupti.

So, if you are someone who is craving Nutella and is Vegan as well, Trupti’s recipe will help you out. For the recipe you need coconut oil, almond milk, vanilla essence, hazelnuts, cocoa powder, soaked dates, salt to taste and maple syrup.

“In your blender or food processor, add the hazelnuts and mix to make nut butter. Keep folding the mixture and blending until it becomes a smooth paste. Once you achieve the required consistency, add de-seeded, soaked dates, along with vanilla essence and coconut oil. Mix well. To this, add cocoa powder and maple syrup. Mix nicely and add almond milk. Blend again and transfer it into a glass jar. Store it in a cool, dry and place. Make sure you consume it within 15-20 days,” explains Trupti.


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