Weight loss: How many cheat meals can you have in a week?

Weight loss: How many cheat meals can you have in a week?

To lose weight, one has to make so many sacrifices, especially in terms of their food choices. They have to completely shun junk, processed, fried and sugar-laden food options from their diet. But curbing tasteful and mouth-watering food is not an easy task. Here is where cheat meals come to play.

Devouring their favourite dish once in a while when trying to restrict calories intake prevents people from deviating from their path and keeps them motivated. This way they can relish their favourite dish and even stay focused to lose kilos. The problem starts when they overdo it.

You plan one cheat meal and end up having processed food all day long. This can sabotage your weight loss goal. The thing about a cheat meal is that you have to plan it strategically and stick to it as well.

So, how many cheat meals can you have in a day and what are things you should be cautious about?

Cheating once in a week is the healthiest approach. That does not lead to weight gain and is even proven to be good for your metabolism. Studies even suggest that weekly cheat meals wards off feelings of deprivation and improve your ability to stick to your diet.

Various studies have proven that dieters who have taken a break from their diet lost more weight as compared to those who cheated on a weekly basis. Here are a few things you must take care of when planning your cheat meal.

Don’t turn your cheat meal into a cheat day
Stick to the plan and cheat only one meal. Do to turn a cheat meal into a cheat day or a cheat week. Cheating a meal is healthy, but cheating a week is not.

Control your portion size
Mindful eating is necessary for every individual. That’s the key to staying healthy. Even if you have a cheat meal, keep your portion size in control. Do not fill your plate or overeat.

Plan your meal beforehand
If you have decided to have a cheat meal over the weekend then choose what you are going to eat beforehand. When you will go to the restaurant or are ordering food, don’t be influenced by the variety of food choices, thus the risk of overeating stays minimal.

Do not eat when you are famished
You must not forget that your priority is to shed kilos. You are cheating to satisfy your cravings. So, do not have your cheat meal when you are famished as you might end consuming more calories than you were supposed to do.

Get back on track
After your cheat meal, get back on track. Workout a little extra to burn those extra calories that you consumed and start the restricted diet that you are following earlier to meet your goal weight.


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