Weight loss: Ways water could be making you gain weight

Weight loss: Ways water could be making you gain weight

70 per cent of our body is made up of water and it is required to carry out all the necessary functions of the body. Water plays an important role in maintaining your metabolism and removing waste materials from the body.

It leads to water retention: Our body needs a fixed amount of water to function. When the body does not get enough water, it starts to retain the water, leading to weight gain. This will also make you dehydrated.

It makes you feel hungry: Insufficient intake of water and hunger are interlinked with each other. When you are dehydrated the body sends a signal to the brains. Our brain takes the thirst signal and sends hunger signals instead, which makes your overeat.

Your metabolism decreases: Due to insufficient intake of water, your metabolism will decrease, your gut health will be compromised and you will gain weight instead of losing it. Less fluid in the body will also make you feel constipated and you might face difficulty in passing the bowel. If your internal system is not working properly then weight loss is impossible.


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