What goes into the making of Covaxin, India’s very own COVID-19 vaccine

What goes into the making of Covaxin, India's very own COVID-19 vaccine

As COVAXIN goes into phase II/III study, over 400 candidates will be dosed with the vaccine and monitored for the time in selected centres across the country, in a randomized, double-blind study to observe vaccine efficacy and negative side-effects.

Dr Sanjay Rai, principal investigator and professor of community medicine at AIIMS, New Delhi, in an interview to a media publication mentioned that the drive to have a vaccine ready soon is making people sign up in large numbers.

“I had never seen this kind of reaction. Of course, social media and news channels helped us reach more people. Within a day, our inbox had about 800 emails…”

From businessmen, students, PhD scholars, experts from the medical community- there is active participation of people from all walks of life.


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