You will stop buying expensive kajal after trying Yami Gautam’s DIY kajal recipe

You will stop buying expensive kajal after trying Yami Gautam's DIY kajal recipe

She’s one of the prettiest girls in b-town and almost everyone admire’s Yami Gautam’s natural beauty. Besides impressing cinema lovers with her power-packed performances in many movies, the actress has become a popular celebrity on Instagram, thanks to her relatable posts.

From sharing her fitness mantras to a few secret beauty hacks, the stunner keeps her Insta family hooked to her likeable feed. And recently, she surprised everyone by sharing her DIY kajal recipe, which the actress tried during quarantine.

Yami took to Instagram and wrote, “Having patiently observe my Naani as she would make ‘Kaajal’ at home for us girls, whenever we would visit her during summer holidays, has left me with some really sweet memories- the fresh scent of the burnt oil wick, smeared with ghar-ka ghee & then stuffing it in a small antique container,which I still posses. Finally, made ‘kaajal’ myself today & the feeling took me back to those innocent & much-treasured memory lanes(sic).”

Well, all those of you who are wondering how Yami made her kajal (kaajal) with ‘ghar ka ghee’ here’s help:

All you need is 50 ml ghee and a silver lamp or an earthen diya, one long thick cotton wick and one earthen/copper plate. Now, pour the ghee into the lamp and place the cotton wick inside it. Once the wick has settled, simply light the lamp. Place the plate on top of the lamp to cover it completely. Let the lamp burn overnight. Once the ghee has burnt out, you will see a black residue at the bottom of the lamp. Well, this is your homemade kajal from made from scratch. Simple, right?

Now, to store the same, collect the residue, add a few drops of ghee in it and store it inside a small steel container. You can use it without having to worry about it going bad.

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